Farm Fresh USDA inspected meat

USDA choice Angus Beef

Ground Beef $5.00 per lb.

Round Steak $6.00 per lb

Roasts:  $5.50 per lb. 

Sirloin Steak $9.00 per lb. 

T-bone Steak $10.95 per lb. 

Ribeye Steaks $10.95 per lb. 

Fresh Pork

**Bacon: $6.00 lb.

Sausage: $3.90 lb.

Pork Chops: $3.85 lb.

Boston Butt: $3.50 lb.

Country Style Ribs: $3.15 lb.

Spare ribs: $3.00 lb.

Hocks: $2.50 lb. 

**Bacon labeled as “Seasoned Pork” due to no nitrates being used**

Fresh Chicken

Breasts: $3.75 lb.

Thighs: $3.15 lb.

Drumsticks: $3.15 lb.

Wings: $2.50 lb.

Necks: $1.95 lb.

Kentucky Lamb

Loin Chops: $13.05 lb.

Rib Chops: $7.30 lb.

Leg Roast: $8.65 lb.

Shoulder Roast: $6.70 lb.

Shoulder/Leg Slices: $6.70 lb

Ground Lamb: $6.50 lb.

Custom Meats

Want a whole or half of an animal for your family!? Please email or call us to get on our list of people to contact for custom cut meats as they become available throughout the year! 

Custom Animals available for Sept & October

We currently have 2 beef & 4 lambs custom cut available. Please contact us no later than October 1st to reserve your spot! Thank you! 

Contact us today!